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Finding a pediatric doctor is one the most important medical decisions you can make as a parent.

Dr. Edward A. Kelly Jr. at Downingtown Family Practice ensures that the kids of Downingtown, Pennsylvania receive the utmost care. He provides all the immunizations and check-ups needed to guarantee your child’s good health.

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Pediatrics Q & A

What is a pediatrician?

A pediatrician provides medical care to children and young teenagers up to 18 years old. Your pediatrician oversees your children’s physical, mental, and emotional health at every stage of their development.

Both preventive and curative, pediatrics aims to reduce infant and child death rates, develop healthy lifestyles with parents for a long, disease-free life, and set up systems of care for children and teenagers with chronic conditions.

Where should you go for immunizations?

Immunizations are a vital step in securing a long, healthy life for your child. It’s important to prevent illness as early as possible. Downingtown Family Practice is committed to providing children with up-to-date, safe, and life-saving vaccines for your child.

Young children are a lot more vulnerable to the diseases that become easier to shake off later in life. These vaccines reduce the risks of infection and death.

How often do children need check-ups?

Just like adults, it’s recommended that children get a check-up once or twice a year if your child doesn’t suffer from ongoing conditions or other issues. Contact Downingtown Family Practice to determine how often a pediatrician needs to see your child.

What is a well-child visit?

Children should be seen by pediatricians frequently. Downingtown Family Practice provides well-child visits to young children. Each one of these visits includes a complete physical exam, development and growth tracking, and the administration of any necessary vaccines.

During these visits, you’ll get a record of your child’s height, weight, hearing, and vision, along with other crucial pieces of information that’ll help determine the best preventive options.

What are some of the most common pediatric issues?

Some of the most common pediatric issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus: an infection of the airways that can lead to pneumonia.
  • Hand, foot, and mouth disease: rashes on the feet and hands and sore on the mouth.
  • Croup: a respiratory tract infection that causes breathing issues and coughing.
  • Impetigo: a contagious skin infection that causes red sores on the face.

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